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Who would turn away from some extra cash? Even more, if that extra cash was easy to-be-made?! Not many, we’d reckon. As a matter of fact, anyone of us owning a smartphone is already spending a great deal of time scrolling on that little screen… So why not capitalize on that time (.. and sweat.. sometimes) to make some bucks. Which could reveal substantial in some instances! Today, there is a galaxy of apps available, but it can be difficult to make head or tale and find which one are worth the effort… So, in this blog, we will look at 12 mobile apps to use to earn money with your smartphone in Canada and the US.

Facebook MarketPlace

Sell things from your smartphone

Probably the most ubituous platform nowadays when it comes to sell personal items, Facebook Marketplace works all the same as Kijij in Canada or Craigslist in the states. Plus you can sell whatever you don’t need anymore while reading your favourite threads and keeping in touch with friends! All in one place! Some new players have even emerged lately to specialize on certain segments.

Which app to use to sell what:

  • Decluttr is the place to go if you are selling tech like smartphones media like books, CDs, DVDs or games… Free shipment and next-day payment are worthy features,a s well as the ability to scan an item’s barcode and get a fair estimate for it.
  • Poshmark aims to occupy the front of home decor, beauty and fashion clothing for private reselling. But on that last segment (fashion clothing), competition has arisen from Vinted or Letgo.
  • Offerup for anything else: skis, music instruments, sneakers… even cars!

Run an online store on your smartphone with Shopify

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When comes to E-Commerce, Shopify is really expanding into the space with an extensive range of services to online sellers, including a mobile app to access and manage your online store from your smartphone.

Adding products, manage inventory, sales and orders, or doing custumer service are all day-to-day tasks that are made easy in running your online store…


Yes… You read it right. The temple of consumerism also turns out to be an opportunity to earn some extra money… Beyond (re)selling things through an online store, a lesser known feature of the giant platform is their trade-in program. You can send in things likes cellphones, games and other eletronics and accessories, and if these are eligible, Amazon offers a gift card for some credit on your next purchase.

It’s important to note that shipping for trade-in items is free.

Wealthsimple (Acorns, Moka)

Earn money with your smartphone by growing savings and invest with your smartphone

Cash is always better when it comes handy… like Now. But the best way to grow cash is by letting it work its way, through compounding and organic growtn… The only things, this path takes a long, long time to settle and to allow for measuring actual benefits. So it better to start early… like now.

Among the ocean of investment apps available today, Wealthsimple is probably the most respectable and versatile of all. It’s available in both Canada and the US and allows to gathers a wide array of assets for trading: stocks, bonds ETF but also cryptocurrencies… Most importantly, the app allows to link a credit card and round up the amount of each purchase. The rounded-up sum is then invested automatically in a portfolio that you set according to your own financial goals and risk tolerance. Some similar services are Acorn in the US or Moka in Canada.


Sell photography online

Are you a foodie, an avid instagrammer or a travel/architecture afficionado? If you have a good sense for composition and smartphone photography in general, you might just be a snap away from making some good money out of it!

FOAP is a new kid on the block when it comes to stock photo apps. The main difference with consors like istock or Getty being the price you can tag your pics. On FOAP, photos sell for no less than $10, on which you keep $5 when you make a sale. Another feature of the platform is that you can apply for “missions”, where companies will hire you to provide specific types of photos. That’s in addition of the possibility of just creating a portfolio of images from which buyers can pick from.


Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash

Earn money with your smartphone posting on Instagram

For people with an eye for content creation and photography, there are opportunity to earn decent money through Instagram and content monetization. Weither it being through affiliate marketing, sponsorship or paid content. However, the requirement to all of these is a solid, extended and engaged following…

Capital One Shopping

Get cashbash on your purchase from your smartphone

Capital One Shopping taking on big players on the cashback and rewards field, like Ibotta and Rakuten (formerly Ebates). The reasons why it’s becoming more and more popular although it’s new is that it brings in more than just coupons and rebates. It brings a sense of community.

Like when you’re shopping for an item an another user of the app finds a lower price for it and log it into the app, Capital One Shopping will notify everyone about it. Another feature of the app is when checking out, Capital One shopping will try to apply relevant coupons codes automatically to your order. Last by not least: the universal barcode scanner. Scan an item and the app will scout the web to return the cheapest price available. Now how cool is that?! By the way they are of the few who made the effort of creating an app – others just have online portals and browser extension…

Other honorable mentions are Shopkicks, which also features the dual virtual-and-brick-and-mortar approach for rewards,a dn the fact that you can earn points not only by making purchases, but also just by using the app, scanning items or visiting stores! Also check KOHO in Canada, as well as Ampli which will credit your cashback straight in your bank account (while others may send you a Paypal transfer or gift cards).


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Earn money with your smartphone giving rides to people or delivering food

This is probably the most notorious app for making money with your phone. You could think you’d need a car for making money with Uber. That depends on the service of service you choose to provide: if you do rideshares then yes, a car is required. However, you can also choose to deliver food with UberEats and there is a array of alternatives for earn then: bike, scooter, food, skateboard, roller… sky is the limit!

Since Uber set up the market (and although it cover much of the ground), other apps have entered the market like Lift and Doordash.

It’s important to note that on Doordash, you work on a scheduled shift and you have to dedicate that time to delivering food. Meaning that if you agreed to do a one hour shift, you cannot stop before the end of the shift. You also have to start your shift on time, at dedicated “hotspot” in your area which is determined by the app. It’s a bit more constrain compared to Uber where you’re free to start and stop as you want. Also, on Doordash, you get a debit card to pay for the food at the reaturant beofre you go and deliver it to the customer.


Earn money with your smartphone delivering groceries
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A bit like UberEats, Postmate or Doordash, Instacard allows to earn money while delivering groceries. Once you’re on the app, you will receive on order from someone nearby in need for some groceries, you will have to go to the store to pick and buy the grocerie then deliver those to the user.

Instacard doesn’t own any store or warehouse, so the groceries have to be picked-up at local grocery stores and Instacart a debit card to buy the groceries to be delivered.


Earn money with your smartphone testing apps

Although there is probably an app available for anything nowadays, it’s still a challenge for brands to gather relevant and qualitative information in order for them to build software that meet users’ actual needs. For that reason, apps like uTest allow people to let brands know what they things about their prototypes.

As brands value this feedback, they are ready to compensate people that make the effort.

According to information available of UserTesting, another app that allows company to hire test user for their products, a 5-minute user-testing session will allow the participant to earn $4 USD while a 20-minute session will be $10 USD. It’s also possible to earn up to $120 through live interviews.


Get paid to take surveys on your smartphone

Let’s be clear, you won’t make a living out of this one, but if you get a fair amount of free time everyday with nothing else to do anyway, or you have a long commute, it could still be an option for you to make a few bucks!

As read in the name, if you use the app, you will be rewarded with cash, coupons and cashback while taking survey but also playting video games, watching videos or reading e-mails.


Earn money with your smartphone playing video games

Usually, video games are not meant to be lucrative. They just grab the most of your time without giving anything back… Well, Mistplay is different in that it will let you earn rewards while you play games on your phone.

More precisely, using the app you will earn Units (in-app currency) as you progress within the games. These units can then be redeemed as gift cards at merchants like iTunes, Amazon and Best Buy.


Sweatcoin rewards walking app
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Earn reward with your smartphone while you walk

Are you someone doing a lot of walking every day? Maybe you live in a downtown center and do not own a car, therefore you do a fair bit a walking for your daily commute and errants. Or maybe you walk a lot of step at work… Well, that hard sweat could be turned into rewards with Sweatcoin.

The app turns each step you take into a sweatcoin and then once you have reached a certain amount of these, you can convert it into allows rewards like audiobooks, athletic clothing or headphones… No cash reward available, though.

Wrapping Up

How to earn money with a smartphone

Smartphone are wonderful gadgets. They allow us to keep in touch with friends and family, do our jobs, find our way on the road and so much more… They can even help us earn some extra cash!

Here are 12 mobile apps that can help you to earn money from your smartphone and here is the list:

  1. Facebook marketplace
  2. Amazon
  3. Wealthsimple
  4. FOAP
  5. Instagram
  6. Capital One Shopping
  7. Uber
  8. Instacard
  9. uTest
  10. Survey Junkie
  11. Mistplay
  12. Sweatcoin