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Finally, the sunny days are here. Along with our plans of roadtrips, sightseeing and water activities, it’s a good time to equip our phones with the right accessories. These will allow us to make the most of those moments ahead in order to make memories in the best conditions. So let’s review in this blog 14 must-have smartphone phone accessories for summer.

1 – Car phone holder

One of the key words to consider when summer comes by in motion. It’s a fact that when sunny days come around, we tend to move around more often. Therefore, we might find ourselves without that power outlet more frequently as well. Especially on a roadtrip… So it’s always a good idea to have that car charger handy.

2 – Waterproof pocket

Let’s say you’re out for some canoeing on that sunny day. You’re on the water, the sun warn, the water is crystal-clear and you just than perfect shot for your Instagram. Everything is going as a perfect day until sadly a fair amount of water ends up dripping on your phone from paddle move and the device goes out-of-order. No your day is ruined. A way to avoid or mitigate that risk is to invest in one of these waterproof pockets for your smartphone. Such an accessory will keep your phone safe from water most of the time. By the way, same goes with sand or other types of dust, which smartphones usually don’t cope very well with. By the way, if you relying on the fact that your smartphone is “waterproof”, read our article on the subject before deciding which option is the best.

3 – Screen protector

Although, it usually makes sense to have those attached to your smartphone permanently, screen-protectors really become a must whenever we go enjoying the great outdoors, like in the summer. Why? Because our smartphones are not build to deal very well with shocks, dust, liquid spills and other types of things you often find in the outdoors. Therefore, protecting the screen (which is really the part of the phone that is being exposed the most) makes much sense!

4 – Wireless earbuds

Whether you’re sipping some great margarita on a private beach, or attending to the fire on the campsite, wireless earbuds can do a lot for your comfort when keeping in touch with family and friends. Plus it could save you some trouble when you want to catchup on that TV-show or listen to music on some rainy day.

5 – Selfie stick

Sometimes, you just don’t have enough hands to do everything you want to. And it can get irritating when you’re doing some sightseeing on a holiday and you just want to make the most out this experience for you and your family. Like taking a portrait picture around some monument… Then, without a selfy-stick, you have 2 options: either rely on some stranger to make that picture (with the chance that your picture won’t be as you’d expected or, let’s be honest, your smartphone getting simply stolen). Or you leave yourself out of the picture in order to make the shot… Now that’s not fun! And don’t you agree that the whole point of a holiday is to have fun?! So, don’t forget to pack up a selfy stick for your next big adventure! You won’t regret it.

6 – Car charger/cable

Either if you are spending a lot of more driving around every day or are planning to do so in the next few days/weeks, it definitely makes sense for you to get one of those car charger for your phone and other mobility electronics. You don’t want to find yourself stranded on the side of the road with a dead cell phone… So if you don’t one already, a car phone charger should definitely be at the top of your list of smartphone accessories for this summer!

7 – Phone lenses

There is a wide array of things that you can do with a smartphone nowadays. Among those is professional level photography. Often the latest trendy video musics to be released are made with an Iphone. Apple, also usually use image made with the Iphone on their own marketing material. Whenever you’re considering getting serious with smartphone photography, the must-have accessory is a kit of smartphone lenses which will allow you to shoot wide-angle and micro-zoom footage. 

8 – Magnetic charging cables

When considering phone charging, a lot has been done over the last few years by the 2 giants in the industry: Apple and Samsung. Both of them have introduced these magnetic input at the end of the charging cable and in the charging port on the device. Careful though, magnetic charging is not to be mistaken with wireless charging. Once again, magnetic charging refers to the magnetic system that will make the connection stronger between the phone and the charging cable. This way, the device will not be inadvertently disconnected. Therefore, the input cable will remain steadily in place while delivering charge. Such a feature definitely comes handy while camping. Or while traveling in a van, as we tend to move things around quite a lot during the day.

9 – Solar charger

This one will probably interest those of us with a focus on sustainability, although it can benefit everyone. Because smartphone use smaller battery, these can easily and quickly be charged up with smaller input of power. Therefore, a charging system using a solar panel is such a great accessory. Especially if you find yourself away from the grid. Like while camping in the back-country, or while spending the day on the beach. It also worth it mentioning that a solar charger can charge more than just smartphones. 

10 – Powerbank

If you’re afraid to lacking power on your next outdoorsy venture, consider getting a power bank. It’s basically a backup battery that fits in your backpack. If your smartphone runs out of power unexpectedly, you can always plug it to the power bank. It will get it charged up and allow you to use your phone right away. Also, power banks usually embark features light flashlight which might also be useful sometimes. So it’s definitely more than just a gadget.

11 – Shockproof phone case

Whenever you’re stepping outside the beaten tracks, it makes sense to have your smartphone duly protected against the elements. One of those being the possibility of your smartphone being pressed upon or just falling down and getting damaged. When you think about it, that piece of electronic could be your only link to civilization… AND save your life should anything happen. So getting it protection means kind of protecting your future self, so to speak. Therefore, a sturdy, shockproof phone case is definitely one of the staple smartphone accessories for summer.

12 – Bluetooth speaker

This one could as well be a luxury. But again, just because you’ve decided to isolate from civilization for a bit, it doesn’t mean you can’t take a bit of it with you. When everything gets dark around the campsite, you might seek the comforting sound of your favourite playlist, for example. So why not pack one of these bluetooth speaker with you for your next trip/vacation!

13 – Cyclist mount

Sometimes while taking some time off, you want to offset all those extra ice cream, sodas and barbecue meals. Using a GPS on your phone makes sense to make your way through these unchartered vacation spot areas. Having your smartphone rigged onto the handlebar of our bikes is a much more secure practice than holding it in your hand. It’s also much more convenient not to have to stop at every turn to check out some map.

14 – Armband

The same principle of enhanced mobility applies those of us would prefer to walk, hike or run. In that case, an armband is definitely a smart choice to accompany yourself in these explorations.

Wraping up

Even on vacation, a smartphone can be very useful. It can enhance our summer experiences and forge real memories for the rest of our lives. Additionally, there are staple accessories that can really make our vacations as less worries as possible… I hope you will find it useful!

What to pack for a summer holiday with your smartphone?

Here is our ultimate list of 14 essentials:

  1. Car phone holder
  2. Waterproof pocket
  3. Screen protector
  4. Wireless earbuds
  5. Selfie stick
  6. Car charger/cable
  7. Phone lenses
  8. Magnetic charging cables
  9. Solar charger
  10. Powerbank
  11. Shockproof phone case
  12. Bluetooth speaker
  13. Cyclist mount
  14. Armband

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