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What exactly will our smartphone be able to do (or do better) thanks to 5G? In this blog, we’ll go through 4 things that 5G smartphones do better.

What is 5G?

5G is the latest evolution in the field of wireless communications. After decades of development, the technology is expected to be 10 to 100 times faster and much more responsive than 4G and WiFi… These capacities are opening the door to constellations of opportunities. Not only in fields related to mobile communications, but also in may others sectors like healthcare, automobile, or robotic and first-responders services.

1 – 5G smartphones provide better access to richer media contents on the go

Basically, 5G brings a much better signal to the end-user and a shorter response time. That means that smartphones will connect more reliably to cloud services… which will develop more widely thanks to 5G’s reliability.  In turn, the cloud will  supplement the capacities of the smartphones’ hardware more efficiently. In other words, smartphones will not necessarily have to be a beast to run a given app: a bigger part of that app will run from the cloud (instead of living in the smartphone) and routed to the device, via 5G.

2 – Enhanced experiences, even with fewer signal

Today, on 4G (AKA LTE), you can stream a song on Spotify or get directions from GPS, even with a weak signal. However, when it comes to involving more data consuming tasks and application like streaming a video, you just can’t do it if you don’t a decent signal.

That’s because 5G connectivity will be more reliable… As a result, the signal will be able to deliver more content at once. Therefore, there will be less loss and latency. Another reason is because loss of signal in 4G is often due to network saturation. 5G, on the other hand, will be able to embark and serve more users at the same time. Therefore, the signal strength will keep consistent.

5G will also allow to keep the network accessible for more people. Have you ever found yourself unable to send a text or call someone on New-Year’s Eve? Or in a crowded stadium during a game or a concert? This will be just a long-gone memory with 5G! Indeed, the new network will be able to handle a lot more traffic and will not let you stranded.

Where is 5G available?

5G connectivity is now widely available throughout the world, but countries like the United States, China and South Korea are still leading the race with technology development and massive and wide-range in-land deployments.

3 – 5G smartphones provides better connectivity with smart objects

Because of its reliability, 5G will allow our smartphones to communicate more efficiently with smart objects. This could help us (and our physicians) to keep better track records on our health… Drone and other movable devices should also benefit from 5G (and so should we) as communication protocols between them and our smartphones or tablets improve and become more stable.

For example, with technologies available, search and rescue could cover an area even more accurately with just one drone. Farmers could survey their land and cattle with more precision, allowing them to manage crops and livestock more efficiently and sustainably. Cars should become connected and communicate with each other in order to prevent collisions.

4 – 5G should could see unlimited data plans

Unlimited data plans are not new. But these often come at a premium or they offer lower speed after a certain limit has been reached… Because 5G networks will be more fluid and signals will carry more data, (cheaper… and efficient) unlimited data plans come become a reality for more of us. However, this will depend greatly on the carrier’s willing to adjust…

How much does a 5G smartphone cost?

Given the fact that the 5G is still being rolled out, the cost to equip oneself with a 5G smartphone can be expensive. That being said, manufacturers are taking the turn for cheaper access to the technology with budget smartphones that are compatible with 5G.

Wrapping up

There is no doubt that 5G connectivity will affect our smartphones and the way we use them… And that is for the better! Here is our recap of 4 things that we will do better with 5G smartphones.

What will 5G mean for our smartphones?

  1. Access to richer media contents on the go
  2. Enhanced experiences, even with fewer signal
  3. 5G will bring better connectivity between smartphones and smart objects
  4. 5G should could see unlimited data plans