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iOS 16.5 will be the next software for Apple mobile devices. The firm started work on it as soon as iOS 16.4 was out. The current release (iOS 16.4) delivered no less than 50 changes and features. However, the list keeps growing for iOS 16.5 which has ushered 13 new items so far, through beta updates. The public release is scheduled some time this month and the update promise to be loaded with changes, namely on media features and Siri. In this blog, we’ll go over the 13 changes in iOS 16.5.

Which Apps Will Change in iOS 16.5?

Apple’s iOS updates usually bring changes to many of the built-in apps that come with the operating system. In iOS 16.5, we can expect some key apps to receive updates and improvements that aim to enhance their functionality and usability. 

1 – The News app will get a new look

Dedicated Sport Tab

One of the most widely used apps on iOS devices, there is a confirmed update of a sports section that should add to Apple News. It is now much simpler to get access to making it much easier to access the My Sports sections. Prior to this, you had to look for it in the My Sports group hidden in the “Today” tab or tap onto it via on the “Following” tab.

Search and Following Tabs get merged together

In order to allow the Sports tab to exist, Apple had to optimize the user interface in order to make room fro that new item. It appears the way to do that was to merge the Search and the ”Following” section together. To be honest, the combination seems a bit odd (a more relevant approach would have been merging the Search into the headline tab)… But, let’s see how it goes!

Persistent Navigation Bar

iOS 16.5 will be the first version featuring Apple News with a persistent/sticky navigation bar. That way, the user will see it even while scrolling through an article. So far, the navigation bar would morph into a reading menu showing a ”suggest more/suggest less” and ”Previous” and ”Next” buttons whenever an article was opened.

Buttons changes

The persistent navigation bar has prompted Apple to reshuffle some of the buttons on the screen:

– The ”suggest more” and ”suggest less” buttons move move to the top bar and are merged into one single button. Which means that the interaction of liking or disliking a piece is now a two-step process (first, tap the button, then select ”like” or ”dislike”)

– The bookmark, Back and More Actions icon have been re-designed to match the new ”Suggest More/Less” button. The icons are now smaller and in a darkened circle.

– The Text Size feature moved to the More Actions section. This mean it is now one more extra step to change the size of the text in an article.

– There are Previous and Next buttons anymore. The user has to reply on swiping to access other pieces in the list.

2 – Siri and screen-recording

Apple is giving Siri an additional feature in iOS 16.5. You can now initiate and end screen recording by giving Siri one of these commands. Siri or by pressing Siri long-press shortcuts. Siri longer-press feature. Similar commands can work as well.

With iOS 16.5, we can expect Siri to become even smarter, providing additional capabilities to perform complex tasks, including screen recording and much more effortlessly, while seamlessly integrating third-party apps.

3 – Home

When you have added another administrator of your smart devices in the home, they can pair with and create Matter devices on iOS 16.5.

4 – Apple TV

Apple is currently testing out a multiview service in their Apple TV App for iOS 16.5 for sports-related games, but users cannot yet take advantage of it as there aren’t many instances in its software.

Apple is currently testing multiview support on Apple TV+ MLB and MLS broadcasts; this could expand to different services as well. With new icons that display two and four games at once and moving your finger upwards may initiate multiview mode, you could get up to four streams simultaneously on screen at once!

These are only examples of applications which could receive updates under iOS 16.5. Ultimately, Apple will announce a more exhaustive list of those receiving upgrades, so stay tuned to stay informed!

iOS 16.5 promises many changes and improvements for Apple’s mobile operating system, from brand-new features and functionalities to performance increases and stability boosts.

5 – Apple Watch

WatchOS 9.5 will soon introduce a revolutionary change first implemented with iOS 16.4. Both operating systems now require Apple ID authentication to show and download beta operating system updates.

6 – Apple Pay

Tap and Pay is an exciting new feature available with iOS 16.5. You can use Tap to Pay to take payments using other mobile devices or contactless-enabled payment cards through your iPhone while taking full advantage of Apple Pay.

As soon as you configure an approved Tap to Pay app (such as Stripe ), there should be an entirely brand new Tap to Pay section with “Tap to Pay Screen Lock,” now rebranded “Tap to Pay on iPhone Screen Lock,” on your iPhone device.

Apple Pay 2.0 introduces the “Always Play Sounds” switch that makes successful Tap to Pay transactions audible even if your iPhone is silent.

7 – Stocks

iOS 16.5’s Stocks app now uses “percent” instead of “percentage” when sorting your watchlist or selecting which items it will show, thus displaying “Percent Change” instead.

8 – Voiceover

VoiceOver accessibility settings now feature three braille tables compatible with Danish, recently revised in 1993 and have been available since. 

Liblouis, an open-source translator of braille formats available across iOS platforms, announced in December 2022 that these 1993 tables would remain accessible for at least one year per the Danish Braille Committee’s request.

The new operating system will also feature some new Error codes:

9 – Apple Health

Reports indicate that iOS 16.5 code includes six new error codes related to schedules and medication reminders within Apple Health. 

Two notices, “Schedule Not Available” and “Schedule Unavailable,” indicate that schedule reminders or schedules may no longer be accessible on an iPhone or iPhone and Apple Watch pairing. However, their source cannot be pinpointed with certainty.

10 – Apple Books

While driving, there may be an issue when playing an audiobook in Apple Books via your iPhone or CarPlay. When this occurs, you may experience an error message.

Unable to play audiobooks. When you stop driving, check Apple Books on your iPhone.

When Will iOS 16.5 Be Released?

Apple typically releases major iOS updates each fall at their iPhone event. However, iOS 16.5’s exact release date (for the public) remains undetermined.

Apple released iOS 16.5 Beta 1 to developers on March 28th; subsequent beta updates took place on May 2nd. The new updates arriving shortly after that, typically within several days or weeks after being announced by them.

Remember that release dates may change without prior warning. This is usually due to unanticipated issues and bugs; to stay up-to-date on iOS 16.5, check Apple’s official announcements regularly for updated details about its expected launch.

How Will the Changes Differ from iOS 16.4?

Before iOS 16.4 was released, iPhone users seeking to record their screens had only one way: visit Control Center and locate an icon allowing for screen recording.

Since iOS 16.5 Beta 1’s debut, testers have discovered an efficient method for recording their screen.

The newly re-designed Control Center in OS 16.5 promises will make it simpler to access frequently used settings and features. We should also see enhancements to Siri functionality and new privacy features. Those Giving users more control of their data.

iOS 16.5 will also bring many updates to key applications like News App and Apple TV app. Those will improve the overall functionality and the user experience of these services.

iOS 16.5 enhances some features introduced in iOS 16.4, adding many improvements and modifications to enhance and extend iOS functionality.

In this new version. Updates geared at improving user experiences and making using Apple devices more pleasant for all. These involve, these changes aim to elevate their overall impact and provide users with greater enjoyment when using these products.

iOS 16.5 is an important update featuring numerous new features and upgrades. From Control Center and Siri improvements to privacy features that aim to enrich user experiences on Apple devices. It should make using Apple products even more pleasurable!

Wrapping up

Apple updates typically focus not only on adding new features but also improving their operating system’s overall performance and stability. Therefore, we expect iOS 16.5 to run more rapidly and smoothly, making everyday tasks on devices much simpler for users.