You are currently viewing 6 common issues on Iphone… and what to do about those

Let’s start by stating the obvious: Iphone is undeniably a great smartphone. It has style, performance and it usually makes great pictures… But Apple’s device doesn’t come without any flow and Iphone users often get frustrated with these uglorifying characteristics of the Iphone. So in this post, well go throught 7 common issues on Iphone.

Let’s get started. 

1 – Connectivity issues on Iphone

Have you ever been on your Iphone, willing to load some website in Safari and, for no reason, the page takes forever to load? Like many users, I certainly have experienced this issue with Iphone connectivity more than once… Sometimes, when you are on a rush, this can  be very frustrated not being able to access the information you want (and need!). 

There can be several reasons why a smartphone gets sluggish on Wi-Fi, bluetooth or even network signal. Most commons causes are : 

  • The firmware of your phone needs a minor update. In order to do that, you must perform a Forced Restart in order to clear all the memory and download any required updates automatically.
  • If your Iphone get slow on Wi-Fi, your router needs to be rebooted (for the same reason as above). To do so, unplug and re-plug the router’s power socket or press the reset button (if available).

How to fix Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or signal connectivity issues on Iphone?

The most straightforward solution (and the one to-be-tried first) is trying to switch off whichever protocol is causing trouble (signal, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth). This will allow the device to refresh some cached resources and memory which could set things right at last.

If the first step get unsuccessful, the next step is to reset the network settings on your phone. Those settings memorize the Wi-Fi networks you use and all necessary parameters and create wireless profiles so you don’t have to enter them ever time. Clearing those periodically helps devices (your phone and router) to keep up-to-date with each other. To reset your network settings on your Iphone: Go to “Settings”, then select “General”, then “Reset” and “Reset Network Settings”. Note: this will also resets Wi-Fi networks and passwords, cellular settings, and VPN and APN settings (if you used any before). This will not only reset your Wi-Fi and bluetooth settings but also network signal’s.

2 – Screen/App/IOS freezing on Iphone

Why do apps freeze or shut down unexpected on Iphone?

An app freezing or quitting unexpectedly could the symptom of a bug within the app itself. It could also mean that something is wrong with a piece of hardware (like a blown-up component).

However, the most usual cause is that the smartphone is using an outdated version of this specific app and the app simply needs to be updated! To update an app, go to the App Store and search for the relevant app. If the button next to it says “update”, then proceed.

3 – Software updates issue on Iphone

Why can’t I upgrade IOS beyond a specific version?

It’s hard to determine what could be the cause for this, but the most likely reason as to why an Iphone will not accept IOS beyond a specific is hardware limitation with regards to new features embark on newer versions. The other explanation is that it’s imply a marketing strategy of Apple to force users to renew their device periodically… Unfortunately, at the point, there is nothing more to be done to tackle that issue: an Iphone will only upgrade IOS up to a specific version. Beyond that, if you want to use any newer version of IOS, you will have to invest in a newer model.

Fortunately, though, today there is a flourishing second-market for smartphones and between “certified pre-owned” and various brands refurbished programs, you can get a fairly recent device without breaking the bank.

4 – Charging and battery issues on Iphone

Why my Iphone’s battery is not keeping charge?

Iphones (among other smartphones) are known to be prone to fast battery drainage (specially in extreme (cold/hot) weather). Whereas there is fewer to be done to the device itself when it comes to reducing battery drain, there are tips and tricks for preserving battery life on your smartphone. Also, a good habit to have is to optimize resources and making sure that no app keeps on running in the background while you don’t have any use of it.

5 – Common hardware issues on Iphone

Why is the camera not working on Iphone?

Although it’s possible that camera on your Iphone might be down due to hadware failure, more often the issue is a simple permission issue and you can check that by going into “Settings” then “General”. There, you will find out if the camera got disabled. If so, you will just have to turn it on again and… voilà!

How to fix the ear speaker on Iphone?

Blown-out speaker seems to be a common issue on Iphone and speaker related issues can take multiple forms. However, what we are talking about here is the impossibility of hearing your correspondent on the other end through the ear speaker, not the one you listen to hands-free…

Have you been on a conversation over the phone, and not being able to understand a word of what the other person is saying because the sound coming out of the ear speaker is too low? However, whenever you turn on the handsfree speaker, the sound is decent? That’s because the Iphone doesn’t have one speaker, but two: the ear speaker at the top and the stereo speaker at the bottom, next to the microphone. Both have a tendency to blow off, but sometimes the matters is just about some settings.

So, before you go shopping for a new Iphone or take yours to the repair shop, do this:

  • Check out your sounds settings on Iphone and make sure your device is not on silent mode or “do not disturb” mode (to do so, go to “settings”, then “focus”).
  • Clean your ear speaker opening, as it can get obstructed sometimes.
  • Check the sound on your device: go to “Settings”, then “sounds”. Drag the Ringer and Alert sliders back and forth… If you don’t any sound, that means the speaker needs service.
  • Try making a call: if your still hearing sound through the speaker, the issue could be with your network/carrier. To double-check on that, try making another call from a different location.

Quick fix when touchscreen stops working on Iphone

Obviously, it goes without saying that the screen is the centrepiece of any smartphone. As a result, when such an important stops working, it gets very problematic. However, there can be multiple causes as to why the touchscreen has stopped working on your Iphone. The obvious is the smashed/cracked screen, which as a matter of fact involves a hardware issue and means that your device will need to be serviced at a repair shop.

Other times, the issue is due to a small glitch in the software and it looks like the Iphone displays a blank (black) screen… In those moments, restarting the device and/or putting it through a charging cycle could allow it to operate normally again soon. 

6 – Iphone running slow

This is not typical to Iphone but still a common issue on smartphones. Whenever your device start to run slow, it is time to declutter. Make sure you trim every redundant pictures, videos and voice notes. Delete the apps that you are no longer using and clear browsing history in Safari. If there is a newer version available for IOS, try installing it. Ultimately if you’re still encountering issue, back-up your data and try a factory reset on the phone.

What are common issue on Iphone – wrapping Up

There are the 6 most common issues that I have noticed as an Iphone user and the steps you can take in an attempt to fix these by yourself. Here is a recap list:

  1. Connectivuty Issue
  2. Screen/App/IOS freezing on Iphone
  3. Software update issues
  4. Charging and battery issues
  5. Hardware issues
  6. Iphone running slow

Although Right-To-Repair is coming up, there are still issue that will require to take the smartphone to a repair shop, though.