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After we could observe some stagnation over the last couple of years, the year is 2020 is bringing some serious breakthroughs in the world of smartphones. 5G connectivity and 8K resolution are the incipits of a new era of mobile technology that will enhance our mobile experience for years to come. Accordingly, it’s perfectly right to wonder which smartphone will be the right fit to provide a relevant sense of capacity. In this blog, we’ll review the best smartphone to buy in 2020 by system platform, usage and budget.

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Best smartphone to buy in 2020: Android

With the Galaxy S20, Samsung has really risen the bar for the whole industry. The device features tremendous battery power, system optimizations that rival the iPhone iOS and vivid Dynamic AMOLED screen. On top of that, Samsung is the first manufacturer to release a device equipped with 5G connectivity. This is a very important step as the new network architecture is on its way and will increase everyone’s capacity to access, share and create data across the globe. We think it’s a good thing to stand ready for such a revolution.

Although the Galaxy S20 shares a lot of specifications with its competitor the iPhone 11. It still stands apart on a significant number of points:

  • the Galaxy boasts a bigger screen (6.2 inches) while remaining lighter (163 grams) than the iPhone 11.  
  • The AMOLED screen (as already mentioned) will display more vivid images on the Galaxy S20 compared to the iPhone 11’s LCD.
  • The Galaxy S20 still features a fingerprint sensor, unlike the iPhone 11
  • The battery capacity of the iPhone 11 is 3110mAh whereas the Galaxy S20’s is 4000mAh.
Samsung Galaxy S20
Samsung Galaxy S20

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Inevitably, these specifications are putting the Galaxy S20 at the top for Android smartphones to buy in 2020.

Best smartphone to buy in 2020: IOS

It seems the first quarter of 2020 has been dominated by the iPhone 11 series in the Apple hemisphere. There are 3 devices in this branch of the iPhone family: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Max. elected the iPhone 11 Pro to be the best and it’s difficult to challenge indeed.

All three devices share the same characteristics. The iPhone 11 may feature a smaller screen, but that is also making it lighter and provide a better grip in hand.

Apple iPhone 11

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Best smartphone camera in 2020

In addition to its great battery life and its OLED display, Huawei P30 Pro is the perfect photo-phone for 2020. Equipped with Leica lenses and Optical Image Stabilization, the smartphone features a group of 3 lenses as a main camera among which is one with a 1.6 aperture and 27mm width. The device also boasts and 125mm telephoto and 16mm ultra-wide lenses. On the front, a 26mm wide and 32 megapixels camera has your selfies covered as well.

Huawei P30
Huawei P30 Pro

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Aside from the camera power, the Huawei P30 Pro benefits from Huawei’s clever software innovation to streamline power management. Should you still to charge up quickly, the device supports fast charging with a Huawei’s very own SuperCharge technology. With that, you will a full charge from an empty battery in 70 minutes. That being said, the 4200mAh battery has been tested to provide up to 2 days of power before you have to plug it in.

Finally, it’s worth noting the storage capacity of the device with up to 512 gigabytes.

Best smartphone to buy in 2020 for streaming video and gaming

Whereas the iPhone 11 series seems to be dominating the market at the time of writing this article, especially for the best smartphone in the streaming and gaming category. We’d like to argue and go a different route with the OnePlus 7 Pro.

Indeed, the expanded battery capacity of 4000mAh of the device, coupled with its full-body screen will make it a very enjoyable device for gamers and streamers alike. Basically this little has the same screen-to-body ratio than the Samsung Galaxy S20.

On top of that, the high refresh rate of the AMOLED screen at 90Hz will provide a very fluid experience as well as vivid images.

OnePlus 7 pro
OnePlus 7 Pro

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Best smartphone to buy in 2020 for battery life

Although most smartphones cited earlier in this article are great candidates in this category as well, we should mention a special challenger here: the Moto G7 Power from Motorola. Here, the manufacturer has managed some sort of a feat by assembling no less than a 5000mAh battery inside a cell phone shell and to include fast-charging on top.

Sure the device is behind something like Huawei’s P30 Pro with only 14 hours of battery life (against 2 days for the P30 Pro). However, it’s also worth highlighting the fact that the price of the Moto G7 Power remains far below the P30 Pro from Huawei with only $219 against $629 for the P30 Pro. That is to say that while the phone won’t be able to handle high-end games or multitasking, it will still provide a decent battery autonomy for those of which that is the biggest concern, for a modest price.

Motorola G7 Power
Motorola G7 Power

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Best smartphone under $400

2020 brings a great diversity of devices to choose from. However, with bigger choice comes… bigger hesitation. We’d like to address that in the final category of this blog and present Google Pixel 3a as our challenger. 

Apple made a big leap entering the budget phone market recently with the iPhone SE. However, the Pixel 3a embeds an impression package of technology for less than $400. That is things like an OLED screen and an increased resolution at 2220×1080 pixels. The contrasts keep sharp and the images are crustier. The device is very lightweight with 153 grams and the main camera features impressive specs for the price range.

Optical stabilization and dual-pixel technology to provide accurate focus in every circumstance. The lens is 28mm wide with an aperture of 1.8 which makes it quite decent in low lights. Additionally, the 12-megapixel front camera keeps the device in the league with bigger players. Another strength of the Google Pixel 3a is its battery. The device fits naturally in the 2020 context here with a very good capacity and fast charging.

Google Pixel 3a

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Whereas Apple’s tentative is honourable, there is no doubt that with the Pixel 3a, Google raises the bar in the lower end of the market. 

Wrappin’ it up

Here are our recommendations for the best smartphone to buy in 2020 according to your system preference, usage or budget. We hope you have found it helpful. Otherwise, feel free to use our virtual purchase assistant or for any question, drop us a line in the comment.

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