You are currently viewing iOS 17, 7 things to be expected

Apple’s iOS 17 update will soon arrive and promise some exciting modifications for both your iPhone and iPad devices. Packed full of exciting new features and enhancements, iOS 17 should become essential reading for anyone wanting to stay ahead of technology trends. Updating to the latest version of iOS is important for several unique reasons and must include enhanced security features and performance upgrades. Apple continues to pioneer mobile innovations with each update they release; therefore, it’s vital that we always have access to their most up-to-date software. So, what can you expect from iOS 17? With its revamped user interface and array of exciting new features, iOS 17 promises much. 

Why is Apple Releasing a New Version of iOS?

Apple has built its reputation on being at the cutting-edge of technological innovation. Each version of iOS, launched by Apple, strives to enhance user experience, resolve bugs and strengthen security features. 

Though Apple intends to add fun features in iOS 17, there won’t be an overarching “tentpole feature,” such as what we saw with iOS 16’s revamped Lock Screen, as seen here. 

Instead, they have focused on developing their AR/VR headset operating system xrOS instead. 

Even so, critical bug fixes and overall performance enhancement will still be addressed and users should expect some exciting additions!

Which may explain why we see so much innovation from Apple today! Here are a few probable updates for their release:

1 – Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements

Even reliable software may contain bugs or performance issues that impede its functionality, with Apple taking measures with every new version of iOS to identify and address such issues.

Making your device faster and more responsive while increasing battery life and optimizing performance for all compatible devices.

IOS 17 update include enhancing performance, efficiency, and stability and as well as it providing long-term support for older devices. 

Although early beta versions may exhibit instability issues on certain 3GB RAM devices. As of now Apple is anticipated to significantly enhance their stability throughout the beta testing phase.

2 – Active Widgets

Active Widgets may soon be introduced in future iOS updates for iPhones. They could provide users with an interactive and dynamic experience on their Home Screen and Today View pages. 

If implemented, active widgets could create an emotional experience within these two areas of a user’s phone’s operating system.

Apple is currently conducting experiments to explore adding active widgets to iPhone Home Screen and Today View widgets; this plan still needs to be confirmed. 

If it goes forward, such devices include one-tap buttons, sliders, and other interactive elements to make their presence even more vibrant and captivating.

3 – Dynamic Island with Siri

Apple is reported to be working on expanding Dynamic Island functionality significantly. According to reports. 

Their marketing department encouraged development teams to undertake such steps ahead of when lower-priced iPhone 15 models will support it upon release.

Dynamic Island may soon receive one of its long-awaited upgrades: integrating Siri’s on-screen interface. This would enable it to pop up less intrusively on iPhone, with content remaining fully visible without its current circular form obscuring everything behind.

Also, Apple is trying to strengthen Dynamic Island by possibly including Siri integration to make on-screen experiences less disruptive on future iPhone models.

Enhancements to Security Features:

With cybersecurity threats increasing exponentially in today’s world, Apple strives to enhance iOS security features to prevent hacker and malicious software accessing devices more easily – these updates ensure your personal information stays protected at all times.

4 – Side-loading & Third-Party Integration

Apple announced plans for iOS 17 that are responsive to European legislation requiring side-loading starting in 2024.  

Implementation could potentially impose considerable impacts upon development efforts on this release, necessitating significant engineering resources for its successful execution.

iOS 17 could bring about one notable change: removing Apple’s WebKit requirement for third-party browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, per Apple’s rules on iOS devices. But under Europe’s Digital

Markets Act, such enforcement cannot occur due to European legislation prohibiting Apple’s enforcement against WebKit use by such third-party apps.

iOS 17 may enhance user experiences by allowing third-party browsers to utilize their engines, providing more browser features. 

But this could present developers with challenges when adapting apps without WebKit support for iOS 17 platforms.

IOS 17’s implementation of side-loading and third-party browser support may require significant technical and regulatory adjustments. Yet, these could improve user experiences with Apple devices by giving more choice and flexibility to end-users.

5 – Control Centre

An anonymous source on MacRumors forums known for accurately forecasting Apple’s plans has hinted that iOS 17 will feature significant modifications to Control Centre, one of its key components. A revamped Control Centre may prove one of the more significant updates coming with iOS 17.

Though rumours swirling regarding changes to Apple’s Control Centre remain rampant, few specific details exist as yet on how exactly it might change beyond “UI” and “customization.” 

Apple remains coy about their plans for this feature; we speculate they are exploring methods of making the Control Centre user-friendly and customizable.

Control Centre has long been one of the hallmarks of iOS, offering easy access to essential functions like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Airplane Mode. Any modifications made could significantly impact user experiences on iOS platforms.

6 – CarPlay Updates

At its 2022 Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple showed attendees an upcoming CarPlay update designed to better integrate into vehicles.

CarPlay will give users access and control over various car features such as volume and radio through one convenient system, creating an effortless driver experience.

CarPlay users will experience a more accessible, streamlined driving experience without switching between phone and car controls during their drive.

Apple’s focus on improving CarPlay integration into vehicles indicates their desire to make CarPlay an essential element of driving experiences.

CarPlay users joyfully welcomed news of an upcoming update, anticipating new features and upgrades to enhance the platform.

As for CarPlay itself, its success remains to be seen, although Apple’s continued investment suggests they remain a significant player in this space.

7 – UI: What Would iOS 17 Look Like?

User interface (UI) changes are an integral component of an operating system, and iOS 17 looks set to deliver some exciting modifications to how iPhone and iPad look and feel. 

While Apple has yet to officially reveal information regarding these alterations, rumours and leaks have provided us with insight as to what can be expected.

Here are a few of the UI changes in iOS 17 that we should expect:

  • A revamped lock screen featuring new features and improvements 
  • revamped clock widget, notifications updates and enhanced animations
  • Better Always-On Display
  • Improved Focus Mode Filter
  • May be Users will get more control on UI and Layout (customizable)
  • Health app UI change

And also, Apple will likely enhance Siri integration in iOS 17, making it simpler to access and utilize their digital assistant. This could involve new Siri shortcuts, improved voice recognition and other improvements.

We won’t know for certain what iOS 17 will resemble until its official release; these rumours give us an indication of what we might expect in Apple’s latest operating system.

Which Phones are Compatible with iOS 17?

With each new release of iOS, users must understand which devices support it. You can assume that, it will available for all devices from iPhone 11.

But the surprise is that some reliable twitter sources indicated that, it may be available on some previous devices. Here is a small list:

  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • First-generation 9.7-inch iPad Pro (iPad OS 17)
  • First-generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro
  • Fifth-generation iPad

Apple typically discontinues support for older devices with each OS release due to newer OSes requiring more powerful hardware to function smoothly.

You have to note that, even though your device might be compatible with iOS 17. But the issue is there may be minimum requirements that must be fulfilled to install this update successfully. 

And also, enough storage must be available to install this patch.

When will iOS 17 become available?

The upgrade has to go through some more development phases and then some testing. For that reason, Apple recently release an update for iOS 16.4 and 16.5. It is anticipated that some form of a Minimum Viable Product will be presented at the next Apple World Developer forum is June, however the actual update should not become available before September 2023.

Wrapping Up

Apple’s anticipated iOS 17 update promises significant enhancements for iPhone and iPad devices. As we mentioned above It may Include new features and upgrades, improved security measures and bug fixes. Users should expect improvements to Siri, new app icons and icons with revised app icons as well as an upgraded control centre and revamped lock screen among many other changes in iOS 7. Your device’s security, features and updates depend on staying up to date.

Updating to iOS 17 is a straightforward process, you can be accomplished it either over-the-air or through iTunes. Providing Apple device owners with an exciting release that brings new features and enhancements as soon as they become available. iOS 17 promises a dramatic redesign for its devices while offering users new experiences thanks to improved software updates in general.