You are currently viewing iPhone SE: Why the 4th generation of the device may never see the light of day

Over the past few months, Apple has been rushing out a fair amount of news regarding its flagship devices, such the iPhone 13 and 14 series… As well as a tidal wave of updates to iOS 16. However, what about the entry level iPhone SE? To date, Apple has remained very frugal in terms of news regarding the device… And at this point, there are only rumours about what the device could feature. Could that be a sign the brand may ditch plans for it altogether? In the blog, we will go over the reasons why the iPhone SE4 may never be released.

1 – iPhone SE4 is only a rumours at the point

At the time of writing this, the iPhone SE4 is only a rumour. Apple has not taken any official stand as to whether or not such a new product in the making. However, a recent series of tweets from Ming-Chi Kuo, a top observer and analyst in the tech industry, dismantled one of his own predictions that the iPhone SE4 could inherit the design of the iPhone 14. Indeed, some materials were made available featuring some prototype after the iPhone 14 was released… As it turned out, that prototype was actually Apple’s in-house 5G modem and had nothing to do with the iPhone SE4.

2 – iPhone SE4 is not part of Apple’s new product planning

As Kuo mentioned, Apple is not giving much updates on the SE series could a sign that the brand has fewer plans to bring a fourth generation to market. It doesn’t seem Apple is meaning to work on the iPhone SE anytime soon. Which could mean that, by 2025, the device in its current form (the 2022 3rd version) would be very much outdated with the rest of the iPhone family. By then, it could simply carry too much technical debt for it to be worth any update at all.

3 – The hype is all about iPhone 15

All the buzz around the iPhone this year has been exclusively about the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro. So far, Apple has never kept an upcoming release this silent. That’s understandable, as a new smartphone is a big venture for any manufacturer. There is a need to engage the public sooner rather that later for every product in the line. Unless remaining silent is part of the plan, it just doesns’t seem that the iPhone SE4 will not come to life anytime soon.

Wrapping up

While some confusion remains, it doesn’t seem that Apple is considering bringing a fourth version of the iPhone SE to the market anytime soon. Indeed, the company has made no announcement for that particular model. Even though the agenda for the year is moving fast and scheduled event are approaching fast. Then, there is the question of wether or not it will be worth it at all to upgrade the SE series. Indeed, the device is already aging in the technology stack… In summary, it’s quite hard to establish for sure. But it really seems that the 4th version of the iPhone SE is any part of Apple’s plan for the foreseeable future.