About Celleosmart.com: The smartest choice for smartphone shopping!

This website is an independent consumer resource featuring information and how-tos about smartphones. As a result, it focuses on helping its visitors to find suitable smartphones according to their personal type of usage and lifestyle through a roboadvisor. Learn more below about Celleosmart.com: the smartest choice for smartphone shopping.

Whether you are an avid Instagrammer, a video streamer or day nomad, we have you covered and will find the right device for you.

Also, the website features a blog gathering intelligible educational content and « how-to » articles around topics such as best practices, battery performance or device disposal.

Overall, our goal is to open mobile technologies to the masses by making the information as clear as possible. Without too much technical jargon. But if we do use jargon, we’ll choose crystal-clear terms to make it as intelligible as possible. On another hand, we also like to feature disruptive apps, phone-carriers services and tips about device maintenance.

Common Questions

Who owns Celleosmart?

The website is a 100% independent platform editing information content in-house on the topic of smartphone technology and practices. We are not affiliated with any manufacturer, phone carrier and communication service provider.

What do you sell on the website?

We don’t sell any products directly but for convenience, we will be linking to buying options for smartphone devices and accessories.

How do I contact you?

If you wish, you can send us an e-mail! We will be very happy to read it and respond to you.

Affiliate Disclosure

This website contains affiliate links to some of the companies and products we list. These links look and work in the same way as normal links, but if you buy something as a result of clicking on these links, we will receive a commission from the resulting sale.

These links won’t cost you more money. We only use affiliate links that offer the same or a better price. That’s why celleosmart.com is the smartest choice for smartphone shopping!